Saturday, December 13, 2008

Introducing ... PEPPER!!

And nowwwwwwwwww ... INTRODUCING ...


Pepper is our new beagle puppy. She was an early Christmas present for the kiddos. Obviously, they were thrilled :)






More of Pepper, from earlier today. Yep, I know. She's the cutest puppy EVER!

This is my FAVORITE Pepper picture ...



(look at the tongue!)


Doing her best squirrel impression ...





This is Pepper's favorite place to sleep (at my feet.) I never thought I'd fall in love with a dog, but how could I not?!? We've officially bonded :)


Our three babies ...



Kai Kai ...



When did my baby girl grow legs this long?!


I looooove these pictures of the babies walking on the rocks. I'm such a lucky mama :)



I'm not sure why I like this picture ... I don't even know what's going on. There's just something about it.


Kai put on Roxy's hat over his. Oh, yeah. VERY fashionable, Kai!



Rachael Earl said...

SO stinkin' cute. Possibly the cutest post anyone has ever made. Ever. Love the one where your kids are laughing under the coffee table-Pepper's look is priceless, like she didn't get the joke.

jenn nichols said...

Too, too cute!! You sure are a lucky mama!

Sarah - Syracuse Modeling said...

That puppy has just about the most soulful eyes I have ever seen. Almost makes me like beagles again. We used to have one that was a demon in disguise. LOL. Yours looks sweet as pie! (so do your kiddos.)

Cassidy said...

I've been a blog-stalker for some time (LOVE your work!) and always enjoy checking your blog...but today...ahhh! I have a mini beagle myself and these pictures just MELT MY HEART! What a wonderful choice and what FANTASTIC pictures...oh my, I'm in love!

Court said...

You know, Sarah, it's really too bad your kids don't look anything alike. And that they don't look like you and Henry at all. Are you sure you didn't just find them somewhere? ;)

Pepper is also adorable. And I bet she won't end up living in my back yard! HA!

Oh, and I hate you for the snow. A little.

DCM Photography said...

As if 2 kiddos wasn't enough, now you have a puppy to take pictures of! These are adorable.

Deb said...

Cute, cute, cute photos. Pepper is adorable, makes me want a puppy. Btw, love your shoes.

Sara Montour said...

Oh my gosh, adorable! And that name tag is bad ass!

Becky said...

I can't take the cuteness. Wait...yes, I can! More kiddos+Pepper pics please!!

Gail said...

You seriously have the cutest tots alive!!! And they are always so styling that I always look forward to your posts with Roxy and Kai!

And Pepper is adorable too!

Sara Te said...

You should bring Pepper and the kiddos over for a playdate with Sally!

Too, too cute!

Bonnie said...

Pepper is OUT OF CONTROL cute! I can't wait to meet him : )

Jenn said...

OH MY! CUTE dog, CUTE kids, CUTE photos but freakin' ADORABLE dog tag...where in the FRICK did you get that?!?!?!?!

Elizabeth Jayne said...

OMG! Pepper is so cute! I have a beagle too... her name is Peanut. (I have a serious soft spot for beagles... I can't even pick a favorite photo!) I used to have a dog named Pepper too, but she was a Collie/Lab/Chow mix.