Saturday, December 13, 2008

Roxy in her tutu :)

This weekend was my first weekend off in a loooooong time, so the kiddos and I went out of town to visit grandma, who took us to see the Nutcracker. Roxy LOVES to dress up like a ballerina so I bought her a cute tutu to wear to the show. How AMAZINGLY ADORABLE is THIS?!


I told her to do "some poses for me" and this is what she came up with (all on her own!)


Carpet fibers in the tutu and shoes on the wrong feet ... lovely :)


Roxy, you're so beautiful :)


I ordered her a bunch of new tights online. When they came in she was so excited! We opened up the box and unwrapped the tights and UMMMMMM, HELLOOOOOO, they were HUGE! I probably could have worn them they were so long. HA! Roxy didn't care, though. She just folded 'em down and said "Hey, that works!"


I think this is my favorite picture of '08. It's SOOOO ROXY!


And one with our new friend who's being introduced in the very next post (stay tuned!)



Jenny said...

OH my goodness...the blue glasses and tutu are stinkin' adorable! What a cutie!

Heather... said...

Love it! She looks wonderful in her new tutu and the puppy is adorable!

Julie Ann said...

what lucky kids! it looks like you all have SO much fun together. Roxy is a cutie!