Monday, December 31, 2007

Kelly and Eduardo

Kelly and Eduardo flew to Texas JUST FOR THEIR ENGAGEMENTS! How awesome is that?!?! They live (and are getting married) in Miami but picked MEEEEEE to shoot their wedding next December! I'm so excited about it :) To make it even cooler, Kelly is a photographer! I love it when other photographers hire me ... it's such an honor. Check out Kelly's photography blog here :


Some of my faves from their super fun, goofy, silly engagement session ...

Have an AMAAAAAAZING New Year's you two! I'll see you again in Miami!


Monday, December 24, 2007

America's Next Top Model!

Melissa is SOOOOOOO freakin' CUTE!! I'm not sure if it's possible for anyone to love her more than I do :) You might remember her from these cute pics of her and Tristan : Engagements. Since then, Melissa's become obsessed (in a great way!) with photography and has been checking out photo-blogs for months getting posing ideas for her Bridal session. America's Next Top Model? Oh, yeah!

Some of my faves ...

Check out Melissa's fam, being the best assistants EVER! :) From left : Melissa, her brother John Ryan, her mom Paula and her future mother in law Judy. Thanks you guys!

See you in (less than) a WEEK!!!!!