Friday, May 11, 2007

Melissa & Tristan!

Cutest thing EVER : Melissa and Tristan's very first kiss on the lips will be at the altar on their wedding day! When Tristan told me that, I thought "oh my gooooodness, how am I gonna do an engagement session with NO kissing?!" Anyone who's visited my site knows I loooove kissing pictures. Lucky for me, they DO kiss on the cheeks, foreheads, noses ... just no lips. They're the first couple I've ever even met that has waited for marriage to kiss and I think it's the SWEEEEETEST thing I've ever heard. How cool is it that I get to record their very first kiss on their wedding day. (No pressure, right?!)

So here's some of my favorite shots from their engagement session. I have to say this was one of my favorite sessions of all time! The love between these two is so genuine - it's easy easy easy to get amazing photos of them. Plus they were down for anything, so we ended up walking around downtown Austin, barefoot, looking for backgrounds. I think the results are some of my favorite pictures ever.

Mixed in are some more "Jesh Inspired" textured photos. Leave me some comments to tell me what you think of them! (My new favorite wedding photographer, Jesh deRox, is an amazingly talented artist living and working in Canada. Visit his site here : Jesh)

So here are my favorites :

I looove this mural ...

Three of my faves with texture ...

Sooo in love!

A couple more with texture ...

So so so so cute :)

Thanks Melissa & Tristan! I'll see you soon :)

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