Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shelley and Trey (MARRIED!!)

Shelley and Trey were married last month at Kali Kate in Buda and WOWWWWWWW, was it FUNNNNN! They are such a sweet, sweet couple - definitely one of my favorite couples EVER - so I knew their wedding would be a blast. It doesn't hurt that they're both completely adorable, too. Check out some of my faves from the day ...













Dad giving away his baby ... (I LOOOVE this one!)





The world's cutest ring bearer fell asleep during the ceremony. How INSANELY adorable is THIS?!?
























Photobooth costume FUN! :)












Thanks for letting me be such a big part of your day, you guys! Now go have some babies so we can take more pictures! Ha! :)

XOXO, Sarah Q

Sarah Q is a wedding and portrait photographer in Austin, Texas and is available for travel anywhere in the world! Visit Sarah Q Photography for more details!


wrecklessgirl said...

my favourite so far!!! :) love the colour!!!!


Michelle Moore said...

Adorable!! Lovely images :) Did you use the 5DMkII?

Julie Ann said...

oh mannn, there are so many beauties in this one! my faves are the daddy giving away his daughter and the moment before they magical!
it looks like you can really capture the happiness in these events. thank you for your inspiration! :)

{holly aletha photo} said...

hey, i'm holly and i looooove your style, girl! so cute and fun!

JennieK said...

Oh, wow! These are beautiful!!

Rachel said...

Wonderful photos! and that cake! beautiful!!

JanetM said...

I followed your link on J*'s blog and I'm so glad I did! Good, Good Stuff! I will be back!

J.Stoia Portrait Design said...

Fab wedding! The very last shot is my absolute favorite.. you can see that startled/surprised/excited look on her face as he kissed her. Love it!

Amanda said...

These two are so cute! I love the photobooth costumes. Your photos are so happy!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous photos! The cake and flowers were just beautiful, not to mention the couple as well ;)

Becky said...

I love the photos of the groom with the bridesmaids! Wish we had thought of that at our wedding - it's too cute!

Maya Laurent said...

I can't get over that little boy sleeping! How stinkin cute! I love the last two shots too!

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