Sunday, February 10, 2008


I've been trying to not schedule anything on Sundays so we can spend at least one day a week as a family, doing something fun. This past week, though, has been SOOOO busy with us moving into the new studio that I've gotten a little behind on editing and album designs. I stayed up 'til almost 4am last night working and I'm sure I'll be up just as late tonight, too. I hate spending the WHOLE DAY behind a computer ... the kiddos get so bored and restless. Kai, especially, HATES it when I work. He's quite a little mama's boy and will sit by me while I'm working just looking at me, waiting for me to play with him. So, if I'm late getting you something, blame it on this face (it's my weakness) ...


Love you Kai!
XOXO, Mama

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