Friday, April 27, 2007

Vote for your favorite old photo!

Thanks to everyone who submitted an old photo for the contest! Here are the entries. Vote by leaving a comment with the number of your favorite (YOU CAN LEAVE A COMMENT BY CLICKING HERE). Voting will be open for ONE week only, so forward the link to all your friends so they can vote, too! The winner gets an awesomely cute bracelet from Jessica Hughes. You can see the original contest post here : (CONTEST)


Submitted by Jennifer : "This is my father as a kid, it makes me giggle to see him this small but I love his little car and his facial expression just rocks."


Submitted by Lisa: "This is a copy of my Grandma (Juana Castro, front row, far left) from 1933, when she played banjo in a big band. Even though she never smiled in photographs (unless we could catch her off guard), and we never saw her in the vicinity of a musical instrument, she was the most delightful and generous person I've ever had the privilege of knowing."


Submitted by Donna : "The attached picture is of my Grandma and Grandpa on their wedding day. My Grandma died when my Mom was 8 so I never met her but if she was half the Mother my Mom is...She was a wonderful lady! My Grandpa raised my Mom (8), and two aunts (5 years old and 2 months old) by himself in the late 40's and early 50's. I think this image was probably taken late 1930."


Submitted by Teresa : My Dad has held all kinds of jobs throughout his life, he was a photographer for the army and then for General Dynamics, he was a sign painter for over 20 yrs, he currently installs septic systems. This picture is from when he worked for a fake old western town. The gun is loaded w/ blanks and he had just come from a fake gun battle.


Submitted by Courtney: "This is my Naunie, Frances Lee Berry, when she was a young woman. She and I share a middle name with her father. I just think she was so beautiful in this picture. It's actually a photo I took of the original, which is hanging in my mother's house. Naunie died when I was 8, but I remember her as a very loving woman. And my mother is so much like her it's scary! They're both wonderful grandmothers, artists and gardeners."


Submitted by Dorinda : "It's me and my brother playing at Hemisfair Park. My mom used to make our clothes. Notice my slick striped pants."


Submitted by Christin : "this is my grandmother. I live behind her. It just makes me wish I knew what she was really like back then. When I was in 7th grade I did a biography on her and blew this picture up real big for the cover."


Submitted by Catherine : "Who's in this photo? We're not sure. This photo is from my great-grandmother's photo album. The photos had been glued in a black paged album and a lot of them were torn out several years ago so the back of the photo is just black paper, the place that might have had written info! We think it's my mothers', mother's, father's friends... =) It was taken in the early 30s in western Oklahoma. I was given a rather large stack of very old and battered photos in hopes that I would be able to restore some of them and this one is by far my favorite.
I love it because it's real and sweet and reminds me of a simpler time. The baby and mother smiling at each other is so cute. The dog looks like he's going to pounce on something in the dirt. The clothes on the mother, the little bear feet of the baby..all reasons I like it. What we can see of the house also reminds me of my paternal great grandfathers simple country home."


Submitted by Katherine : "Here's my favorite photograph of my Grandfather Gerald Shipley, he was a photographer and lived in Nicaragua, Cuba and Panama before he married. He was the first photographer in the family and traveled around documenting his world with an old Graflex. My Aunt got the prints but my Mom got the big negatives (3 x 5) so I've been busy scanning and re printing them. Here he is modeling for a friend drinking out of a coconut!"


Submitted by Mariah : "My dad and me when I first came home...I love it because my dad actually has hair :)"


Submitted by Kristin : "Here is one of my favs. It's a picture of my fraternal grandmother on her confirmation. I love it because she just looks so young and beautiful."

Thanks again to everyone who entered! It was GREAT hearing from all of you and a joy to see all your favorite old photos! Keep visiting the blog for more contests soon!

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