Monday, March 12, 2007

Baby Talk

Roxy has always been a talker. By her first birthday, she was talking in sentences and by one and a half, everyone could understand almost everything she said. She just turned two and can already have long phone conversations that actually make sense.
Since she stopped baby-talking so early, I get excited when she says words wrong (I know, I'm weird). It's just so cute to hear her say "Mama, can you take the crud off my bread?" So I had to sit and make a list of her baby words. She's growing up so fast :( I gotta hold on to something!

Mama's favorite Roxy words :

Crust = Crud
Roxy = Botsie
Punch = Funch
Slippery = Liberty
M&Ms = Lemonitz
Remote = Gamoke
Band Aids = Bandits
Aunt Kathie = Aunt Cracky
Itsy Bitsy Spider = Bitty Bitty Biter
Unicorn = oooonicorn
Blue's Clues = Crew Crews
Shamu = Shampoo

As for Kai - mamamamamamamamamamama is pretty much all he says. That's okay! He can stay little :)

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